Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunshine (on this rainy, rainy day...)

If you're not reading (or should I say, reading and commenting on) The Bright Side Project blog, well...then you're missing out. Bloggers Miss K and Miss B "deliver sunshine daily" by offering up giveaways for readers that at the same time support emerging and established artists and designers. That's a cause I can certainly get behind!

Not only are the offerings from these artists, gorgeous and unique, but the questions The Bright Side Project asks contest entrants to answer are thought-provoking. I did a workshop for some fellow entrepreneurs, on Unleashing Your Creativity a few weeks ago, and in talking with a few of the women in attendance I mentioned how much visiting and commenting on The Bright Side Project encourages my own creative thinking. Not only do I gain inspiration by getting a peak at what other members of the artistic community are working on, but through answering questions I would normally never think to ask, I'm led to explore new creative territory and discover new inspiration inside myself. Pretty cool, eh? You've gotta try it!

If you do, you just might find yourself a winner. I did, and from quite and unexpected answer I might add! I didn't have to think long when answering "What scent reminds you of your childhood, and why?"
Here's what I said:
As a result, I was lucky enough to win an incredibly awesome hand-poured soy candle from Linnea's Lights! Choosing from their delicious list of scents was difficult. They ALL sound captivating. But in the end I went with Sweet Grass, in honor of my 4 year old's own springtime "kid-sweat" scent. Honestly, I am so loving this candle that I'm going to save my rave reviews of Linnea's Lights for another post...

I'll admit, winning is very fun, but as they is not everything. Trust me when I say, The Bright Side Project has a lot to offer. Now get yourself over there right now and start answering some questions! Enjoy...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sending card (or several!) at a time

If you haven't heard of Spirit Jump...check it out. As it says on the website "Spirit Jump is a program that directly connects the gift giver with a person battling cancer. It was founded in November, 2008 by two young women who have both battled cancer." Handmade gifts are especially encouraged, and I've been so fortunate to have found this organization so that I can share my craft and (hopefully!) boost some spirits in the process.

Today I sent out the two cards above, which are designs I created for Sweet Talk Boutique. I hope it lightens the load a bit for the two people who receive them, or at least helps them crack a smile. I for one, always underestimate the joy I feel when sending a little gift, or encouragement and good wishes to someone who needs it. I never fail to be moved and blessed by the experience. Thanks to The Sprit Jump ladies Meaghan and Stacy, for all the effort they put into Spirit Jump. They are true inspirations. And I love being a "Jumper!"

Friday, May 08, 2009

DIY Delight!: Bride Supplies

At Bride Design we're forever creating new stationery designs for weddings, events, and life's most meaningful milestones. But that often leaves us with an overstock of cards, paper, ribbon, embellishments, art supplies and more. In an effort to keep our studio tidy and your DIY crafting needs met, we thought we'd offer our high-quality extras to you at extremely affordable prices through Bride Supplies! If you're planning on making your own invites or are thinking about another stationery project, check out what we've got. The shop contents will be updated whenever possible. Please let us know if you've got any questions and don't hesitate to visit our studio's official shop as well!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Weddings: Logo Love

Earlier this week, I delivered an order of custom blush pink and ivory invites to a lovely couple. My favorite part of their design? The very simple monogram I created using the lowercase version of their first initials "p" and "d." The second I started playing around with the letters I knew what font I wanted to use for this part of the design: Century Gothic. Besides the "m_______________" on the response card, the monogram is the only part of the design that uses this face and I chose it for it's pure geometry and consistent stroke. It's "o" character is a perfect circle and the "p" and "d" match perfectly. Creating couture invitations that capture a couple's unique qualities is always a thrill for me. And when I can work with typography? That's even better. The best part of all, the bride and groom love their "logo" and we'll be using it on some additional ceremony and reception items for their upcoming July wedding as well. I can't wait!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Thom Felicia Style: Design Meets Generosity

Last week I had the fortune to attend a book-signing event featuring interior design powerhouse Thom Filicia. You might remember him from TV's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Held at the lovely Fingerlakes winery Anyela's Vineyeard, this event benefited local charity Positively Pink Packages—a great organization that provides vital resources to breast cancer patients. The amazingly designed cake for the event was created by my friend, sugar artist Jennifer Comfort of She Takes The Cake. It was stunning, complete with 3-tiers and a full-size, hand-painted cookie replica of Thom's book "Thom Filicia Style!"

Since meeting Thom (so fun!) and getting my book signed, I've had some time to flip through the pages and it's great. As a designer myself, but not one of the home decor ilk, I've found Thom's approach to interiors strangely similar to the way I design for print. Design maxims like "less is more" or "lose the matchy-matchiness" are things I subscribe to when working with paper, but often fail to apply to my own home. Thom's philosophy includes incorporating texture, unique surprise elements, and balance into the rooms he creates. Again, those are techniques I use when creating invitations, logos, and stationery, but they somehow manage to slip my mind when I'm trying to redecorate my living room. Well, no longer. I'm ready to unleash my personal design sense on my home (which is probably why I started ripping down wall-paper in my foyer), and do it with style, smarts, and OK...a little help from Thom Filicia's book (*wink*).