Monday, August 17, 2009

Inspired by...

These days, I'm deeply inspired by my garden and all the delightful things I've managed (surprisingly!) to grow along with my co-gardeners. Those would be my preschool-aged daughters, who love to water (or over-water!) our crops and who get ridiculously excited about harvesting. You should have seen the excitement over the ceremonial picking of our first cucumber this morning at 7:30 AM. I've also been really inspired by the contents of our organically grown crop-share box that we get from a local farm each week. I've discovered veggies I never even knew about, like these heirloom "dragon tongue beans." Sautée with garlic and oil for an absolutely heavenly experience! And I've been forced to be more creative with my cooking. The creativity doesn't stop there though. In these veggies, I've found new color combos, shapes, and textures that I've been recording for artistic purposes. I can't wait to begin experimenting with them this fall and I've already been thinking of ways to incorporate some of these new ideas into my designs.

It might seem odd, wedding invitations inspired by summer's vegetable bounty, but it's these types of connections that I find spur the most interesting and fresh ideas for me. I love looking at bridal mags and trends, and while I never discourage a bride from doing the same, I strongly encourage couples to explore a wide range of resources. Why settle for a wedding invitation inspired by another wedding invitation, when you can have something truly unique and inspired by YOU, the connections you've made, the things you love? Look beyond the "typical" and allow yourself to be inspired by more than just "wedding ideas."

For those brides or planners out there, what decidedly non-wedding thing, place, or theme has inspired you? Fellow creatives, what randomness has been inspiring you these days? I'm dying to know! I on the other hand, need to get down to work, creating some dragon tongue-esque invites!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home is where the (artist's) heart is...

I've lived in a lot of places that are packed with creativity: Manhattan...Chicago...Providence, RI. Each one has a vibrant art and indie craft life of its own, brimming with coolness. When I first moved to Syracuse, NY I wondered if I'd find that same type of creative scene. At first, I thought hope was lost. And then? I found the most welcoming, interesting, and hungry art community I've come across yet.

I was thrilled when I landed, by complete chance, in the Strathmore section of the city. A neighborhood with it's own art show, Art on The Porches, designed to celebrate the area's historical homes, as well as the many local artists who live here. Check out this year's poster I created for the event, inspired by the great Government WPA posters of the 1930's.
Syracuse has indeed struggled with it's artistic identity over the years, but as a city resident I've been impressed by how many artists and non-artists alike, deeply value what Syracuse has to offer in the way of locally produced art and handmade goods.

Now, even my wildest expectations are being surpassed with the start of The Salt City Urban Art & Craft Market! More delightful indie goodness, right here on my home turf? It's almost too good to be true. My application is in and I hope to be part of what sounds like it will be an incredible display of local and regional NY talent. Thanks to the event organizers Briana and Vanessa for believing in Syracuse and beyond...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Times They Are a Changin'

Soon the leaves will be turning autumn hues and school will be back in swing. Honestly, I can't wait! It's my favorite time of year. Lucky for me, I get to experience autumn early every year as I create fall invitations on these hot summer days. Here's a sneak peek of one I truly enjoyed creating for a very fun couple. These invitations featured a natural pressed maple leaves and as highlighted in the photo, an original illustration I created with watercolors. Almost every bride I've worked with this year has come back for programs, or place cards, or some other paper-related delight, so I'll keep you posted with pictures of the items I'm working on to match this lovely suite.

In the meantime, I've got something of my own in the works and am hoping it will be ready for September release—the all new, revamped Bride Design website! The new website will include an online shop, a fully redesigned and self-hosted blog, new additions to our couture portfolio and more. I'm really excited to expand Bride Design's offerings and make shopping our products and services easier for our clients. Perhaps I'll even have a sneak peek into the site's redesign soon!