Monday, June 30, 2008

Make mine a Minima 3-column bartender!

Alright, so I hacked me a lovely little 3-column blog layout. I know this is probably simple stuff. But for me it was not easy as I am an HTML novice. Needless to say, I feel proud. Still, you might need to deal with the blog looking a little wonky for a day or two dear readers until I figure out the ideal place for all of my links and crap. Is there designing I could be doing? Posts I could be writing? Contracts I could be drawing up? Emails I could be answering. Oh yes. But do they offer the same nail-biting suspense that messing around with your blog layout template does? Of course not! You know the feeling...Will that column show up when I hit "preview" or will it look like some HTML gremlins got hold of my site and decided to have their way with it? The internet is such a time-suck! Last call...I'm done for the night.


genevieve fridley said...

Looks great!And trust me I know how much time this can suck up.

christine said...

I say Congrats! HTML can be scary :)