Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do you love paper crafting?

Well then I've got the event for you! A Paper Carnival! Right now, a bunch of fabulous stationers are readying their etsy supply shops so that we can share our overstock of cards, papers, envelopes, embellishments and more, with you!! I've been stocking and re-stocking my shop, Bride Supplies all this week! Check it out.

If you're a scrapbooker, cardmaking enthusiast, or just a paper lover you're going to want to check all the supply shops posting their paper goodness on the Paper Carnival facebook page. You can also keep an eye on the blog for more Paper Carnival related posts coming soon!!


Me salen alas (si me paras los pies...) said...

Og!! Its gorgeus!!
Each day one sorprise!!!
What blog so creative!! Congratulations
I like so much. Very original. I´ll write about you in mine.
Kisses from Madrid